Goddesses and Icons

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Icons and Goddesses

One recurring theme in Patricia’s work is that of woman; woman as the nurturer, the virgin, the seductress, the muse, healer, and fertility goddess. Some of her work depicts women working together in groups, and other women finding solace in solitude. Some women have downcast eyes and rosy cheeks, while others lift their eyes up to heaven. There is a spiritual tone to these pieces that verges on religious reverence. This hushed appreciation, paired with bright colors, and fantastical landscapes tells the complex story of what it is to be woman in all forms.

Protect and Connect Series

With the Protect and Connect Series, Patricia focuses her attention on reviving dying icons such as Gaia, as well as creating new icons such as the highly endangered golden frogs. The goddesses, icons, and iconoclasts she represents in her work are mainly used to show how extinct our female icons have become, such as the “unnamed river goddess”. The disappearance of the female influence is mirrored in the ever increasing extinction of small things, like butterflies, frogs and birds. In making these pieces, Patricia is showing her own reverence for the world, and how at this critical time we need to protect it from further states of destruction. Patricia has purposefully mixed up the creatures so that they are not always shown in their original habitat, the purpose of this is to show that this is a global issue, and that these problems are interrelated.


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